The History of
Conwell Coffee Hall

Conwell Coffee Hall is a coffee shop and eatery in the legendary Life And Trust. Life And Trust has operated for decades behind these closed doors, hiding in plain sight. However, Conwell Coffee Hall is a brand-new gathering spot, developed with our loyal neighbors and friends in mind.

History of J.G. Conwell

J.G. Conwell was one of Life And Trust’s most influential CEOs and chairmen, overseeing Life And Trust during the first few decades of the 1900s.

Conwell was also a noted philanthropist and influential patron of the arts in New York City: serving on the board of directors for a number of New York cultural institutions, as well as funding a number of groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Originally making his fortune with Conwell’s Cough Syrup before becoming the biggest banker on Wall Street, Conwell claimed he generated his best ideas over a stiff drink… caffeinated or otherwise! Indeed, J.G. was personally fond of all manner of compounds, and encouraged jittery coffee drinkers to subdue themselves with his soothing syrup: the two paired nicely together in an endless loop. It was during one of J.G.’s famous assemblages— sessions in which he invited young, ambitious entrepreneurs to gather and share ideas— that J.G. decided to develop his own coffee enterprise.

Sadly, it has been many years since the great tycoon himself graced the cobbled streets of the Financial District: J.G. died suddenly under tragic circumstances before he was able to fully preserve his cultural legacy. Today, the Conwell Foundation honors J.G.’s enduring legacy of entrepreneurial thinking, community loyalty, and— of course— discerning taste buds, by erecting Conwell Coffee Hall: a coffee shop within the monumental Life And Trust flagship location.

Conwell Tower

Conwell Tower

Conwell Coffee Hall seeks to honor the legacy of J.G. Conwell by developing significant contributions to culture, community, and commerce.

Life And Trust, although traditionally quite guarded over their secrets, is delighted to host this one-of-a-kind dining establishment in their historic space.

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